Why pre-loved?

At first, some people may be a little cautious about buying pre-loved clothing or footwear. One thing you should know, is that all of our items are carefully cleaned (as best as possible), to give all of our customers the most satisfying experience possible. Most items look brand new when worn. Below we have listed the 2 main reasons why we believe buying pre-loved clothing could benefit you.

Money Saving

Most people love the idea of wearing luxury clothes... but, they are expensive! That's where our concept comes from. Buying pre-loved clothing saves people thousands every year.


By buying a t-shirt that has been worn once or twice, you could be saving up to 50% discount from retail price! And who's going to know? Or care?? Start dressing smart and save those ££ at the same time!

Green road.jpeg

Being GREEN!

Every pre-loved item that's bought saves waste! By re circling these pieces, we are reducing our carbon footprint and adding use to an item that might have otherwise been thrown or left unused. We can all do our bit to reduce our carbon footprint!

We also use DPD which is the UK's most sustainable delivery company. We are always looking for more ways to be green so watch out for more to come!